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Jack Levine: Coping with Social Distancing

Minda and Jack talk about the impact Social Distancing is having on all of us and how to help us cope. 

Jack Levine, is the founder of the 4Generations Institute.  you can contact him at  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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Helping with Suicide Prevention

Cal David on helping people with Suicide thoughts and feelings. Cal also talks about helping those how have lost there loved ones to Suicide.

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Lakes Jam Annual Music Festival

Lakes Jam is an annual music festival that unites rock and country music fans from all walks of life and brings them to the beautiful Brainerd lakes area. A premium camping festival, Lakes Jam is more than a music festival with Watercross racing, Drifting, Lawnmower Racing, Poker Tournaments and more!

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Elliott McKenzie


Elliott is not only a talented musician but is also a proud military Veteran. Being a combat Veteran with PTSD, anxiety, and depression, Elliott uses his music and the time he has on stage performing as a form of therapy. When Elliott sings, he literally gives it all he has and the adrenaline release he gets is very therapeutic for him. He has found a way to use his music as a way to literally save his own life. www.elliottmckenzie.com

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Dr. Mary Lee Esty on Brain Wellness and Bio Feedback

Dr. Mary Lee Esty, talks about the wide-reaching effects of concussion and TBI in sports, veterans and the general population. Concussions are a hot topic these days, specifically head injuries on professional football players.  However, many don’t realize that concussions and other traumatic brain injuries (TBI’s) affect many people and can have a lifelong effect on ones health. In fact, the recent surge in combat veterans incurring TBI’s during combat has led to a lot of new research and a much better understanding of exactly what is going on during and after suffering a head injury. 

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Physician-Owned Hospitals

Dr. Ronald Genova Co Owner of Phoenix ER and Medical Hospital is hear to talk about the benefit of doctor owned hospitals.

At a time when delivering high quality healthcare is a top priority for every hospital executive, physician-owned hospitals are having much difficulty gaining traction for future expansion and development in light of healthcare reform. 

Physician-owned models focus on providing high-quality care to patients instead of seeing as many patients as possible. The majority of physician-owned hospitals also provide specialized medical care and tend to give patients more power over their medical decisions because they have time to make sure their patients are well-informed.

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American Bench Craft

Jason Angelini talks about stepping out of the corporate office and in to a job that he loves and owns.

American Bench Craft, is a team of brothers, family and friends who have talked about owning a business together since high school. They now own a company where everyday we get to show up and be creative, solve problems, and work with our hands. We make products we need or want, and then we put them to the test with everyday use.

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Tough Sledding The Movie

This compelling story of perseverance and grit has come of age after seventeen years. Former Boston Bruins Captain, Rick “Nifty” Middleton, coached the 2002 US Paralympic Sled Hockey team in Salt Lake City, Utah. Together, along with Tom Moulton, they all achieved an unlikely gold medal. The time has come to tell their dramatic story through a scripted film. www.toughsleddingthemovie.com

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