Veterans Take Charge Radio Show

The Veterans Take Charge Radio Show is dedicated to bringing our country’s warfighters, past, present, and future to you.  We share strong stories and tell hard truths while exploring local, national, and international issues that affect our military and civilian families.  Two US Army Veterans, a Ranger and a Medic #TakeChargeNow  and navigate Battlefield America for two hours in this high speed, low drag radio broadcast show. 

Justin Baker deployed twice to Afghanistan with the 75th Rangers and Dave Ramos deployed twice to Iraq with the 520th Area Support Medical Company.

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Air Force Veteran Keenan Roop

This week Baker was talking some strong shop with Air Force Veteran Keenan Roop!  They discussed the future of #TakeChargeNow and what it means to lead from the front in business and mentorship.  With wellness being at the heart of everything we do, the strongest weapon on the battlefield is being used in full effect!  The cell, immigration, motivations to Take Charge, the direction of intent... these are some strong themes in this weeks conversation!

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Air Force Veteran Heather Dopson

This was fantastic insight and discussion regarding veteran business and Vetrepreneuership with Veteran Community Builder of GoDaddy, keynote speaker, and Air Force veteran Heather Dopson!  We had a great in-studio conversation that provided a much needed point of view into the health and wellness of business and mission. We, as a country, need to INVEST in the continued training, education, and experience of our country's warfighters.  Veteran AJ contributed strong insight to the privatization of veteran healthcare and we talked extensively about the importance of veterans on the front-lines of business ownership.  This is strong work!!

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The Veterans Sportsman Alliance came back in studio, with their K9 Division!

The Veterans Sportsman Alliance came back in studio, and this time they brought their K9 Division! We had a great talk with Brett Johnson, Tom and Michelle Connelly, and Rick Marchetti about their work in the K9 Division and why service animals are effective and important to our warrior community. They also brought Scrap-Iron, Dixie, and Maveric, their newest animals in training for us to meet. The VSA has an exceptional program in the works and is not exclusive to our local area. We talked with their Head Trainer, Marsha Tonkinson of Arizona, about all of the rigors that goes into training a service animal. Ramos almost left the station with Marveric... 

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Air Force LTC Dr. Joel Wallach

It is always an honor and privilege to have Air Force LTC Dr. Joel Wallach on the program with us.  Doc has a tremendous number of professional achievements under his belt, way more than we could capture in a two hour segment.  We talked about his military experience, pharmacotherapy, nutrition science, traumatic wound rehabilitation and all sorts of great nuances within field of recovery.  A good amount of you, our audience, have inquired or shown interest in the Veterans Take Charge Health Team and for you, this broadcast was intended!  Don't miss this episode with one of our personal and professional mentors

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Post Veterans Day

Shows like this are why we do what we do.  We had some great laughs and emotional moments, while sharing strong bits of ourselves.  We talked about the Monterey County Veterans Day Parade (which was a complete success) with Tony Virrueta and COL Larry Brown!  We were joined by Vietnam veteran, former Combat Medic and Rifleman Terry Plank to talk about what Veterans Day and "moral injury" means to us.  This was a fantastic roundtable conversation that only got better when Travis DeYoung came in to talk about the upcoming screening of documentary "Almost Sunrise", followed by a discussion panel.  This event is going to be a powerful way to open the conversation about post-traumatic stress, post-traumatic growth, moral injury, suicide, community, and healing. 

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Accept Responsibility For Your Actions

What does it mean to accept responsibility for your actions? Recent sentencing in the case of Bowe Bergdahl sparks the majority of conversation today, but the conversation ranges from desertion and the UCMJ to media generated lies and breathing techniques. We did a good amount of #HuntTheGoodStuff and welcomed your phone calls. Holistic Veteran Paul Damon was in with us and brought owner and operator of Breath+Onenes, Carrie Burr. Together, they are holding a holistic veteran's event on Veterans Day at Breath+Oneness and we learned about what's to come. 

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JP, our WWII veteran

JP, our WWII veteran is back!  Among other things, JP shared his experience with the Honor Flight program, bringing WWII veterans to the WWII memorial in Washington D.C. for free.  Along with JP, we talked with Cathy Conway of Hospice of Santa Cruz about the upcoming screening of the Honor Flight movie, taking place on November 8th, and veterans in hospice care.  JP always has great things to share and discuss, and today he let us have it!  We talked church, generational differences, his views on the VA, and the Honor Flights.  Excellent time!

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Veteran Suicide with Guest David Toombs

This week we are honored to have David Toombs on the program.  His son, John Toombs, took his own life on VA property in November 2016 and David shares his story.  In the first hour we talked about the VA, its history and intentions, and what their strengths look like.  With Mr. Toombs, we talked about their shortcomings and the issues surrounding John's suicide.  This is a great discussion, touching on both sides of the coin.

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Holy hell yes!

In studio with us was CEO of the Veterans Sportsman Alliance ( Brett Johnson and VSA Ambassador Brian Christopher.  Brian is a bilateral amputee with significant TBI, former Combat Medic with the 1st Infantry Division, and all around badass.  These gentlemen talked with us all about their stories of adversity, hardship, and challenge and what helped them pull through and how that lead to the Veterans Sportsman Alliance!  They take veterans on adventures, hunts, and events for the sole purpose of wellness.  So FREAKING rad!  Their motto is one that we can all get behind, "Question Everything and Refuse to be Broken".  And yes, they live those words.  The VSA is doing so much more than just adventures, they are collaborating with other organizations on some motivating projects! 

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3 Army Rangers, a Medic, and an Air Force Meteorologist walk into a radio studio!

3 Army Rangers, a Medic, and an Air Force Meteorologist walk into a radio studio and Honor Our Fallen!  Soon after, a USMC veteran and author join the conversation.  This was fantastic.  We were honored to have in studio returning hard-chargers Tony Virrueta and COL Larry Brown, with special guest, former Chief Meteorologist and Air Force veteran Norm Hoffman.  We talked about the upcoming Honor Our Fallen 5k/10k run/walk taking place on October 21st, why honoring our family is important, and the upcoming Salinas Veterans Day Parade.  Having these troops in studio is always motivating and a great time.  The second hour was with USMC Marine veteran and author of "The New World" book series, G. Michael Hopf.  Michael is freaking rad and we had a great talk about his military experience, his books, and the potentials behind a super EMP on our nation's grid. Damn good stuff all the way around!

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Jennifer Marie Long USA

Such a great display of collaboration and encouragement!  We opened the show with some quick #HuntTheGoodStuff talk with Greg Amundson, Josh Mantz, Dean Kaufman, his mother-in-law, and Chris Di Maio.  This week, we were stoked to talk with former US Army SGM Jennifer Marie Long.  She started her military career as a man, thrived in the infantry, and retired 30 years later as a woman.  We had a great conversation talking about her military career, the training and experience she gained working with foreign militaries, her actions in combat in Afghanistan while she was undergoing hormone therapy, and the importance of character quality.  Jennifer shared her story of transition during the military, something she had wrestled with for the majority of her life.  She went through significant internal turmoil before making the decision to start hormone therapy and transition and was very open with us in sharing her story.  Hear it here!

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Heather Dopson USAF

Rocking and Rolling!  We are not here to enable dysfunction, much the opposite!  We are dissecting problematic themes, trying to understand the core issues, and offer solution oriented discussions.  This week we talk about VA fraud and poverty, amidst national media's thematic verbal diarrhea, with the intention of advocating for CONSISTENCY and integrity.  Freaking aye...  The second hour was full of strong enrichment from US Air Force veteran and International Keynote Speaker Heather Dopson!  She is a prime example of #TakeChargeNow with her work within the veteran community, and more prominently with GoDaddy.  Heather is a hard charger and has been making strong waves in providing mentorship and training for entrepreneurs, small businesses, and marketing enthusiasts.  You do not want to miss this.

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