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The Ultimate Underground

Lacy Darryl Phillips aka "Uncle Earl" takes his listeners around the globe on a journey through Sound, Time & Space. The Ultimate Underground Experience Radio Show is not your typical Top 40 Music Show but it is a Talk Show with Music, a confluence of past, present and future trends within the world of the arts! As "Voice Of The People," the mission is to bridge the gaps between Humanity using Arts & Education as tools.The broadcasts are diverse, entertaining and thought provoking, while you get your groove on.Just imagine, an actual Reality show on the Radio.......seeing what you are hearing in your mind's eye..... The programming consists of music from major and independent Artists across genres, interviews from prominent figures and professionals highly active in various fields on the "Wheel Of Life," up close and personal profiles & 'On The Scene' reporting! Catch The Wave…..Feel The Vibe






The Ultimate Underground Experience Presents "Pulse Of The City"

Featuring Ocktober Film Festival & Local Talent Connect

In today's show, Uncle Earl brings you a day in the life of the New York City Arts Scene from productions to social mixers. I was invited to the Ocktober Film Festival in East Harlem at the Poets Den by Marishka Phillips (Director/Drama Coach/Sister) whose film Love Always, Eartha is a short film selection. The (OFF) Festival is produced by Ms. Emelyn Stuart (Stuart Films). We also took a trip down to midtown to attend the Local Talent Connect Social Mixer (LTC) presented by Mr, Todd Wharton. There was an interesting mix of attendees from the production, as well as, the creative side.

Guest Interviews:

Peter James Iengo (Indelible Films), Vinny Mara (Actor/Dancer), Emelyn Stuart (Producer), Nestor Martinez (Model/Singer), Julius Kelly (Filmmaker), Todd Wharton (CEO), Mikey Jay (Actor/Producer/Award Winning Artist), Marishka Phillips (Actress/Director/Marishka Phillips Theatrical Preparatory)

Musical Artists Play List:

J Givens, Alberta Cross, GuiGuiSuiSui, Ashley Reaks & Joe Hakim, Tim Gartz & Justin Beiber, Gappy Ranks, Mikey Jay, June Bisantz, Fame Cult, Monom, Sionis

Special Thanks:

Radioactive Broadcasting Network, Music Xray, Revitalized Records, Noisetrade, Humble Beast Records, Metal Postcard Records, Casual Music, No Ego Records, Donald Tyler.

 Air Date 10/5/15

Broadcast #253

Duration 1:40:32

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The Ultimate Underground Experience Presents "World Vision" Featuring Arts For India/Indixia

In today's show, Uncle Earl invite you to indulge in the riches of Art, Fashion & Cinema which is bountiful in the Indian culture.  The host was Mr. Satish Modi (Founder of  Arts For India & International Institute of Fine Arts in India. The night was to celebrate the live exclusive announcement of a new collaboration effort between Mr. Modis foundations and Columbia University. I was invited by Ms. Susan Johnston (Director of New Media Film Festival and Friend) to ,AFI Presents INDIXIA which was a star-studded, power player event at the Bonham Art Gallery on Madison Avenue & 57th Street. The festivities went on for 3 days but I was honored to catch the final day which consisted of a fine art & fashion auction and an Honoree Award Ceremony. The list of honorees: Robert Thurman (Time Magazines 25 most influential Americans list), Nicole Miller (Iconic American Designer), Jonathan Tibett (Founder of Precision Stone/Co-Founder of ABC Stone), Mira Nair (Indian Filmmaker/Actress), . A special highlight was a candid sit down with Filmmaker/Actor/Entrepreneur Sean Stone. Also in attendance was Prince Sundarmm Tagore (Fine Art Aficionado) among many other distinguished guests. The event coordinator was Mr. Bhuvan Lall.

Musical Artists Play List:

Kriswontwo ft. Skyzoo, Son Little, Radio Drive ft. Kevin Gullickson, Chris Matic, J. Givens, The Bar-Kays, A-Jay Mac, Tanya Holt, SOS Band, Guts & DJ Tim Stark, Terraway.

 Special Thanks:

Radioactive Broadcasting Network, Music Xray, Revitalized Records Holland, Soul Tracks,  Noisetrade, Alltum NL, Musik Lounge,Lovebeam/Making Music LLC., Donald Tyler, Susan Johnston, Arts For India, Bonham Art Gallery.


Air Date 9/28/15

Broadcast #252

Duration 1:31:47

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The End Of Summer Music Special

Featuring Morgan Margolis - CEO/President Knitting Factory Entertainment

In today's show, Uncle Earl talks shop the Native New Yorker and Entertainment Mogul Morgan Margolis about Music, Life and The Pursuit! To top it off we span the globe for some of the best indie music in every genre/

Musical Artists Play List:

David Riviiera (France), Ola Onalube (UK), The Acorn (Canada), Dream Chief (Indiana), Greg Freeman (South Carolina), Marshall Cunningham (Nashville), Blaq Sons (South Africa), Lenny Fontana ft. Paula PCay (Berlin), Idem & Koresz (UK), Alana Yorke (Canada), Princess Century (Canada), Sam Roberts Band (Canada), DJ Daven (Italy).

Special Thanks:

Radioactive Broadcasting Network, Music Xray, Revitalized Records Holland, Soul Tracks, Music & Film, Paper Bag Records, Noisetrade, VIP Ultima, Musik Lounge, Donald Tyler, Henry Eshelman/Platform Group.


Air Date 9/21/15

Broadcast #251

Duration 1:46:19

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The Ultimate Underground Experience & The Uncle Earl Presents "TRANSITIONS "

In today's show, Uncle Earl celebrates the return of The Prodigal Son to his home and roots of The Big Apple. There will be plenty of knowledge, wisdom, understanding, anecdotes and FUN to be had by all. The mission is to continue spreading the love on the east coast and around the world. Los Angeles was the birthplace of the project and now New York is the launchpad......R U READY!!!!!!!!!!

Musical Artists Play List:

Sacki Productions, Blank & Jones, Yea Big, Dj N-Joy ft. The Uncle Earl, The Miracles, Siedah Garrett ft. Kathy Sledge, The Closers, VenueConnection, Mr. Roots ft. Barry Solone, Miss Makaila, Bogdan Zamfir, Kriswontwo ft. Georgia Anne Muldrow, Oh No, El Da Sensei, Bobby Earth and Stacy Epps, Eric James, David Cooler, Jordy Briard.

Special Thanks:

Radioactive Broadcasting Network, Music Xray, Revitalized Records Holland,  Metal Postcard Records, LinkedIn, Soul Tracks, Music & Film, Donald Tyler.

 Air Date 9/14/15

 Broadcast #250

 Duration 1:53:17

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In today's show, Uncle Earl scours the planet for rare musical gems, unheard voices, outspoken personalities and socio-economic activists in the underground scene!
I also feature Artists appearing in the Pop Cat"Summer Pop Explosion"at RAGE Bar & Nightclub in West Hollywood, Ca. for a special performance benefiting Didi Hirsch Mental Health Services & Suicide Prevention Center. Wednesday, August 12, 2015 at 9:30pm. 21+ over......NO COVER......Donations Accepted!!!!!
Musical Artists Play list:
Silkki Wonda ft. Jakime Eesaah, Big Yea, Little Albert, Darth Faderz, Krom,
DJ n-Joy ft. The Uncle Earl, BP Major, Girl Crush ft. Joy Villa, Irene Soderberg,
Ricky Rebel, The Brian Kiner Band ft. Francesca Capasso, Double Z ft. The Uncle Earl,
Van Morrison & Bobby Womack, Kezia Soul, Crystal Johnson, Jake Aldridge,
Amber Allen, james Bennett, Maceo & Tha Macks, Rockaforte, Gregory Porter,
Juan Madrid ft. Thane
Special Thanks:
Radioactive Broadcasting Network, Music Xray, Revitalized Records Holland,
For 20 Movie, Metal Postcard Records, LinkedIn, Soul Tracks, Music & Film,
Thompson Marketing, Jonathan Pemberton, Musik Lounge, King I-Vier,
Donald Tyler.
Air Date 8/11/15
Broadcast #249
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In today's show, Uncle Earl digs deep into his musical treasure chest of hypnotic,

funky, sultry, soulful, bluesy, jazzy, futuristic, housey, rocky, old school & new school

jams to take you away and bring you back safely just in time for Back To School!

There will also be be jewels and pearls of wisdom sprinkled along the way.

 So get out your dancing shoes or barefoot can be fun, pour your favorite libation,

snuggle up with someone you like alot or your favorite pet

Because we are going all the way in folks!

Musical Artists Playlist:

Sheldon Botler, Stephen Wrench, Janet Jackson, John P. Flynn, OkKo, Briard,

Shadowraver, Imani Hutton, Black Hawk Down, Tim Gartz ft. Steve Bone,

Adam Wolt, Nick Havsen, Vastra Unionen, Retinue,

Unclubbed with Zoe Durrant, D Ney, Stevie Hawkins, Will Downing,

The Controversy, King Nation, Holiday Weekend, Jackson Ridge Rodeo,

Dominique Toney, Colin McLean

Special Thanks:

Radioactive Broadcasting Network, Music Xray, Revitalized Records Holland, 

For 20 Movie, Casual Music Sweden, LinkedIn, Soul Tracks, Music & Film,

Soundcloud, Blank & Jones, Donald Tyler.

                                                                                     Air Date  8/3/15 Broadcast #248 Duration 1:58:31


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In today's show, Uncle Earl sheds light on a true blue soulful Rock Band Nevereven, drops new tracks from independent artists around the world and sits down with  actor Anthony Ritosa (Nate) from the upcoming film “FOR 20”

 Musical Artists: Alexander, Martin L. Williams, Paul Avgerinos, Nevereven, Brandon Evans, Dwongo ft. MadX, Dica Guimaraes, Tiara Mason, Dumsday, Donaldo (Don Semco), The Lingus, Dr. Shivers vs. Solberjum ft. Bo Valentine, Hygenersis, Double Z ft. The Uncle Earl.


 It sounds cliche, but the name of this Brooklyn, New York based band came in a dream. 

The Lead Vocalist & Guitar Gary Pickard dreamt that the band was playing in an arena with a crowd on both sides of them. Above the band, was a banner the said ‘nevereven’, being palindromic, was visable and readable to the crowd on both sides of the stage. He told the guys in the band about his dream and the rest is history.

nevereven. The name shouts out what you’re in for even before you hear the first kick-in-the-face chords: It’s a dual-headed beast, copping from the classics while looking far into the future of rock.
The choruses stick in your head after the first listen, and only gradually do you realize how supremely dark the lyrics are. The onslaught of nevereven’s rhythm section gets your head bobbing before it dawns on you that you’re thrashing to something crazy-complicated.

The songs may evoke the legends of metal and even prog-rock intricacies, but these sweeping epics have all miraculously been distilled down to a few minutes each. In other words, nevereven is ready to dominate the airwaves without budging an inch to satisfy corporate shills. 

nevereven is taking back a New York rock scene that's been beaten down like an unwanted stepchild. Listen, and you’ll be transported to some grimy dive in NYC, far away from the gleam of Times Square and sleaze of Wall Street.
Real rock is back in New York. It’s been a long time.

Members: David Origlieri - Guitar/Vocals Gary Pickard - Vocals/Guitar Dave Previ - Drums Nathan Siler - Bass/Vocals

Special Thanks: Radioactive Broadcasting Network, Music Xray, Revitalized Records, For 20 Movie, Art & Music Records, Donald Tyler.


Broadcast # 247    

Duration 1:56:54     

Air Date 7/21/15

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Uncle Earl Presents Ultimate Dream Scapes Featuring Pi: Deserted Prince (USA) & UJ (CHINA)!

Uncle Earl Presents Ultimate Dream Scapes Featuring Pi: Deserted Prince (USA) & UJ (CHINA)!
In today's show, Uncle Earl invites a dynamic international music duo to discuss their lives,  dreams, hopes, ambitions, challenges and triumphs!
Guest Speakers: PI, UJ, Katie Vincent ( Character - Lily “For 20” Movie).
Musical Artists: Noah, Stevie Hawkins & The Late Billy Preston, Narrow Plains, Jake Aldridge ft. Lisa Ambrose, DJ Dee Costa, Pi & UJ, Mike Calhoun ft. Alyce Marie, DJ Willow/William Clarke, Supercasanova, Bob & Kathi, Lil Louis, Juan Baeza.
Pi: Deserted Prince is a Hip Hop Recording Artist from Long Beach, California now living and perfecting his craft in Shanghai, China. UJ is an Instrumentalist, Producer and CEO of Soulway Entertainment in Shanghia, China. This dynamic duo is breaking new ground and spreading a message of LOVE to the world.
For more information on Pi & UJ:
Pi Video EPK
Soulway Entertainment
Special Thanks: Radioactive Broadcasting Network, Music Xray, Revitalized Records, For 20 Movie, Soulway Entertainment, Donald Tyler.
Broadcast # 246
Duration 1:45:40 
Air Date 7/13/15
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Uncle Earl & The Ultimate Underground Experience Presents Music Masters Series Featuring MR. RON SPAULDING!

In today's show, Uncle Earl invites a true legendary music mogul to chew the fat and lay down some knowledge, wisdom and understanding about Life, Music & The Biz!
Guest Speakers: Ron Spaulding and Jacob Reardon ( Character - Chance “For 20” Movie).
Musical Artists: Double Z ft. Uncle Earl, Tech N9ne ft. 2 Chains & B.O.B., Scarface ft. Master P. & Tupac, George Jones, Mike Jones, Brad Paisley, J Poetic, Satin Jackets, Ressurectz, Trap Door Social, Kuchimatl, Those People, Howard Hewett, Regina Belle & Cheryl ‘Pepsi’ Riley.
When people learn about my background, they wonder how a small-town guy ended up as a senior executive building 8-figure businesses for iconic companies.

Maybe its because Ive spent my life trying to achieve perfection. Hey, if you shoot for the stars and miss, you at least get to the moon! Early in my career as a retail buyer, I chose the jobs that would teach me the most.

When I jumped to the sales side at JCI and, later, Priority Records, I learned everything about urban music. I simultaneously built a reputation with artists and business leaders, sharing market insights with my retail partners. This led to rapid promotions, huge sales, and a growing Rolodex of trusted allies (see my 90+ heartfelt recommendations). Eight years after my hire as a regional rep in Minnesota, I ended my tenure with Priority as VP of Sales in Los Angeles, having grown sales 900%.

Integrating Capitol Music Group into Universal Music Group and growing market share overall to 7.5% (#2) within 18 months

Transforming Fontana Distribution (Universal Music Group) from a domestic brand to a global one, doubling market share and turning losses into 7-figure EBITDA.

Growing Asylum/East West Records (Warner Music Group) sales from zero to $40M in first 12 months.

Increased market share from 5.6% (#6) to 7.5% (#2) in 18 month period of time.

Leading sales group at Elektra Entertainment (Warner Music) through 2 downsizings and emerging with sales successes that included the #2 best-selling release in the companys history.

Whats next? Having thrived in one of the worlds toughest industries, executing 5 company reorganizations and/or mergers, Im certainly no stranger to change. Im always interested in solving business puzzles and exchanging ideas.
Broadcast # 245
Duration 1:41:35
Air Date 7/6/15
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Uncle Earl & The Ultimate Underground Experience Presents "LIVING.....BEING.....DOING" (Digital, Film, Music & Beyond)

In today's show, Uncle Earl takes you on a tour de force
 journey through information,
protection, branding, licensing, promotions, future visions and gadgets
courtesy of Digital Hollywood Spring 2015.
The Ritz Carlton in Marina del Rey was on fire from April 27 - 30th
so much knowledge, wisdomand understanding
where the interactive technology and entertainment industry meets.
Guest Speakers: 
Steven Masur, Todd & Jeff Brabec, Dhruv Joshi, Sam Gilchrist, 
Anand Gan, Blaze Mazur.
Celebrity Cross Platform Marketing & Branding, .Music Licensing, 
Social Media Trends,
Social Rock Fish Media, YouTube & Music, Plura Vida,
Fly Trap Productions, "50 Fathers" Movie, "FOR 20" Movie. 
 Musical Artists: 
Double Z ft. Uncle Earl, Garth Adam, Michael J. Calhoun ft. Melvin Nolan, 
Sparky Quano, Berget Lewis, Jen meets Gelka, Sinan Mercenk, 
Jordy Briard, 1 Undread, 
Moe Turk, Blank & Jones, Megan Elyse, Don Producci, 
She Was Loud, Derek Jameson.
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Uncle Earl & The Ultimate Underground Experience Presents The 6th Annual New Media Film Festival

In this segment, the festival founder/director, Susan Johnston and I sling the sauce and toss the dish about the upcoming event! Fun, Laughs, Good Times!!!!!
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Uncle Earl Celebrates Memorial Day with Bright Blue Gorilla

In today's show, join Uncle Earl and his guests Michael Glover & Robyn Rosencrantz aka Bright Blue Gorilla! 

May 19, 2015 was a very special anniversary for them, it's the 25th anniversary of their lives as artists, as Bright Blue Gorilla! In 1990, they quit their L.A. jobs, sold everything they had and bought one-way tickets to Amsterdam.

On May 19th they went to LAX, on 2 hours of sleep, as they were up all night packing! 25 years later they're still going, it's truly a miracle and they want to give thanks to all their lovely generous new and old friends who have made their Gorilla journey possible!

Michael & Robyn are in Berlin, in their production office, getting ready to shoot their 6th feature film, Mr. Rudolpho's Jubilee.

In this photo, Robyn is wearing the vest she had made 25 years ago, to perform in and also wearing her magic hat! This hat was filled with Lire, Francs, Guilders, Marks etc. when they first played in the streets! Sweet memories, your good energy and many blessings help them to keep on keeping on! Go for your dreams, if we can do it, you can do it! 
Thanks for all the support! Michael & Robyn

Musical Artists: Baby Face, Todd Curry, Bright Bue Gorilla, Tussy Elementary School 3rd Grade Class, Bryan Adams, Ray Charles, Whitney Houston, Beyond The Rim, Chuck Israel, The Rent Party Troubadours, Beverley Knight, Mitch Harris
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