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Barbara Beach.

Todays American Veteran

Today's American Veteran is presented by the Coalition to Salute America's Heroes The show is hosted by Emmy nominated actor and Patriot Jack Scalia.
The Coalition supports all Veterans and is a non partisan outreach.The views expressed by our guests are their own and may not reflect those of The Coalition to Salute America's Heroes

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Reunion Friendly Network


Sharon brings over 25 years of hospitality sales and marketing experience to Reunion Friendly Network. Her career includes sales positions at downtown, resort and suburban hotels. She has represented properties locally, regionally and nationally. Her most exciting roles were Opening Director of Sales and Event Services for the Lynnwood Convention Center in Lynnwood, Washington and Conference Planning Director for the Every Woman's Money Conference. In 2011, she began participating in the RFN ConFAMs, representing Red Lion Hotels as National Director of Sales. Sharon left Red Lion Hotels when she purchased RFN from retiring founder Paul Spiewak. She brings boundless enthusiasm to Reunion Friendly Network.  reunionfriendly.com

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Barbara Wright: Ghostwalkers​

Barbara Wright talks with Jack about the Ghostwalkers, a unit in the Korean war who have been denied their VA benefits.

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Ted Miller: Made In America

Ted has been an active supporter of our military and veterans for many years and honored in the Congressional Record nine times for his service and dedication for our military, and veterans.

Ted has collaborated with industry greats Dan Warner, Doug Emery, Lee Levin and Mike Fuller to create this exciting and invigorating new song and album "Made In America".

The Song combines our ingenuity leading the world in space exploration, technology, and the internet giving a very special thank you to our selfless soldiers for leading the way. Never forgetting our fallen heroes and the sacrifices they have made for our enduring freedom, may their memories be forever eternal.

You can listen to the song Made in America at the end of the interview.

Watch the Music Video Here: www.tedmiller.us

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John Pieplow - Director, Singer, Writer, Producer

John Pieplow is best know for his movie Strangeland, John also Directed TV Commercials and Designed Film Sequences for Broadway productions of "Baby," Terra Nova," "Lolita" "Georgia Brown and Friends" on top of all this John also has a great music career Opening for Huey Lewis and the News, Chicago, Earth, Wind and Fire, Chris Botti, Ambrosia and Christopher Cross. John also wrote and performed the music for the TV shoe Sons and Daughters.

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Helping Veterans Find Work

Jenny Clark Talks with Jack about her passion for Helping Veterans find work and to encourage companies to Hire Veterans. 

Military veterans are the backbone of our nation. They volunteer to serve and protect our country. They are some of the most disciplined, well trained, and dedicated people in America. That is why at Solvability we believe in doing what we can to help our veterans.

      www.solvability.com       www.vactb.org

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Boone Cutler and The Spartan Pledge

Boone Cutler is an author, columnist, music video director and Warfighter Rights leader. He holds the distinguished honor of being the first nationally recognized radio talk show personality who is also a combat veteran from the current war.

Boone's message is simple: "America has lost faith in what they used to believe were the heroes of Hollywood, America has become disgusted with the political climate of today so the only place to turn to and trust for leadership is the Warfighter."

The Spartan Pledge Is a Pledge that warfighters take to each other. It is not something we take lightly.

The Spartan Pledge: I will not take my own life by my own hand until I talk to my battle buddy first.

facebook.com/TheSpartanPledge        boonecutler.com

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Today's American Veteran with Fran Paez

Jack Scalia talks with Fran Paez about how Findaway is helping are men and weman in uniform.                     Findaway is a global leader in digital content delivery. With the invention of Playaway pre-loaded devices, they transformed the way that audiobooks, eBooks, videos and learning tools are circulated in 40,000 libraries, schools, and military installations. Findaway also revolutionized digital audiobook delivery with AudioEngine, the first audiobook technology and distribution platform that enables today's premier eBook sellers to deliver one of the world's largest collections of digital audiobooks within their brand experience.  findaway.com

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Purple Heart Homes

John Gallina and Dale Beatty joined the North Carolina National Guard in 1996. During their service to our nation both Gallina and Beatty had the opportunity to respond to calls from the Governor of North Carolina to help victims of Hurricane Fran and Hurricane Floyd. It was through those experiences that they gained their humanitarian passion and spirit.

They also responded to the call of duty from the President of the United States to defend our country against terrorism serving in Operation Iraqi Freedom. They were both 25 years old at the time.  www.purplehearthomesusa.org/

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Our Story

The Dancing Angels Foundation is a 501 (c)(3) founded by Louise Cantrell after an immense tragedy had happened to her.  On March 6, 2012 her husband Edward and their two daughters Isabella and Natalia died tragically in a house fire.  Edward was a Chief Warrant Officer 2 with 3rd Special Forces Group stationed at Ft. Bragg, and had just returned from his 6th deployment.  Isabella was six and Natalia was four.  Louise knew how much the girls loved to dance and created the foundation to honor and perpetuate their memory as well as provide hope and inspiration to other parents who have lost children.

Our Mission

Dancing Angels mission is to “Celebrate Life Through Dance”. We enable this by providing valuable scholarships to dancers who display immense passion for dance but may not have the financial resources to pursue it fully.

We are off to a great start - our first scholarship was awarded in 2014.  Since then, we have awarded four additional scholarships including sending one young lady to the prestigious Joffrey Ballet in New York City and one to the Pittsburgh Ballet Theatre. 

Our Vision

We believe dance is a beautiful way to celebrate life, and that every child who wants to pursue dance should be able to, regardless of financial situation.  We want to help dancers across the United States pursue their dreams, and will build a network of donors, schools and other dance professionals to facilitate this.

    This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 


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Junior's Bullet Pen Co.

SSG Chris Falkel was a warrior, and he was a hero. Chris was a weapons sergeant for 3rd Special Forces Group (Airborne) on Operational Detachment Alpha (ODA) 316, in August, 2005, Chris and his Special Forces team were involved in a 54 hour battle "that will live in the annals of Special Forces history."

Chris was called "Junior" by his teammates. From the time he was a very young boy, Chris knew he wanted to be in Special Forces, and he would make "weapons" out of whatever was available to him. He used to love to turn shell cartridges into all kinds of things.  

Jeff Falkel - I thought about Chris' dream of making a "bullet pen" for a couple of years, and on 24 Sep 2007 – which would have been Chris' 25th birthday – Junior's Bullet Pen Company was created. So these pens are dedicated to you, my son. www.juniorsbulletpens.com/


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St. Bernard Project with Reese May

Reese May, 27, joined the Marine Corps Reserves at 18 and turned 21 in western Iraq. After he received an honorable discharge from the Marine Corps in 2008 Reese felt moved to help those affected by Hurricane Katrina. When he heard about Veterans Corps at the St. Bernard Project, he felt like it had been designed just for him.

SBP was founded in March 2006 by Zack Rosenburg and Liz McCartney after the couple, who originally lived in Washington, D.C. volunteered in St. Bernard Parish following Hurricane Katrina, in February 2006. Inspired by residents' collective spirit and fierce desire to rebuild their homes and communities, Zack and Liz launched SBP to help the community achieve its recovery goals. With the tremendous support of donors, volunteers and corporate partners, SBP has grown from a three-person volunteer team into a nationally recognized leader in disaster resilience and recovery.



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Music on the Frontlines

Van Taylor We provide musical entertainment and performance through our bands for our active and non active members of our military civilian and state department personnel and any other agency that support our US Military and Embassy personnel . We also provide musical performances for school assemblies and music workshops to Department of Defense Schools upon request. Overseas family support organizations along with MWR, USO and any other organizations are welcomed to contact us for shows . We support cultural music projects for our US Embassies while on tour in that region. On the home front we provide shows for our Veterans to thank them for their service through VA Hospitals and Veterans Affairs.    www.musiconthefrontlines.com/      

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