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The Road to Big Events

On the Road Again! Where are you heading? What's the "Big Event" you're preparing for and how is it Leveling Up Your Life?
This Episode, Mordant & McFall are preparing for their speaking panel at this year's New Media Expo (NMX) in Las Vegas. Listen in while they discuss the best strategies for moving forward and how to face your fears and embrace your failures.
Episode Segments:
The Road to NMX... and Other Big Events
Preparing for the "Big Events"
How Can I Become a Better Random Speaker?
Level Up!
Learn to Practice, Practice, Practice
On Beyond
Fears & Failures and How to Deal with Them

The Intentionally Unintentional Life

The timing is never perfect to do anything right.  So, go ahead and plow on in, make a mess, and see what sticks….  Or, simply live focused on who you want to be.  As long as you are focused on who you are becoming, then you won’t sweat the minutia of the everyday life.  Come on – can it really be as easy as that!?

Listen to Mordant & McFall as they discuss, argue about, and wrestle over what it means to live the intentionally unintentional life.  This episode has some surprises, with McFall doing the schooling, Mordant puts on his thinking cap and learns a thing or three about letting go, letting God, and the freeing power of just showing up available for anything.