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Barbara Beach.
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Advanced Comfortable Headphones For Sleep and Running

We-Shin Lai, MD, CEO, AcousticSheep.com
Development of wi-fi-enabled light-weight headphones for sleep enhancement, exercise and unexpected application for autistic kids.
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Report from CES

Barbara Beach, Chief Content Producer, Radioactive Broadcasting
Ingestible sensors, smart watches, smart shoes and more on the explosion of web enabled things.
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Digital Health Summit

Jill Gilbert, Producer, DigitalHealthSummit.com
Building partnerships and identifying market needs of patients, health care professionals and care facilities.
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Sharing Medical Costs

Dale Bellis, Executive Director, Liberty HealthShare, A non-insurance approach to cover medical expenses for health conscious people.
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Building Resiliency

Dr. Erica Kosal, Founder, Bounce to Resilience, Reasons and tactics for developing resiliency to recover from health challenges.
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Professionals Share Medical Photos

Dr. Joshua Landy, Founder, Figure 1, Doctors, nurses, medical students using mobile app to capture and share images while protecting privacy of patients.
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Amplifying Sound

Michele Ahlman, President and CEO, Clear Sounds, Addressing hearing loss with amplifying phones and mobile apps to enhance music listening.
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From Diagnosis to Empowerment One Woman's True Story

When Anne Marie heard the "C" word she reacted as we all do. Shock,denial and then self advocacy. She discovered a free web site Medivizor that linked her to Doctor's and research world wide that helped walk her through her treatment and recovery. A passionate recounting of personal strength and the power of finding an online advocate. www.medivizor.com

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Five Min with the Doctor,The Diagnosis...then what?

Your time face to face with the Doctor...Five Min? Then what....you have questions, you need answers. Search your diagnosis and find hundreds of thousands of confusing answers. In comes Medivizor. A free sign up at www.medivizor.com takes you into the heart of a community that includes experts on your condition and other people experiencing the condition as you are!

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