Tuesday, 25 June 2013 14:36

Celebrity Golf Day for Ryan's Reach

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"He will not die but live and celebrate the glory of GOD!" http://www.ryansreach.com/

A terrible fall and traumatic brain injury set a family on a course which amplified their faith and brought them closer to each other and God. Now they work tirelessly to fundraise so other families in peril have an outlet. This is the story of Ryans Reach and High Hopes! http://www.highhopes.ws/ Sponsored by the magnanamous George Dennis of TV Ears, http://www.tvears.com/this golf tournament generates funds to support others with traumatic brain injuries. See Little Anthony in person at the Malt Shop Memories Cruise http://www.maltshopcruise.com/GOLF CLASSIC 2013 WB03




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